I’m creating my dream life! Join me.

Hi! My name is Sarah, and welcome to my blog. I created this space to keep track of my very colorful and unique thoughts on life, I’m starting to write this blog as I restart my life, literally a blank slate, new place to live, newish job, new relationships, and for the first time in my entire adult life no one to truly take care of and be accountable to/for except myself. My life mate is a one of a kind man that let’s me run as care free as my neurosis will let me and for the most part doesn’t question my motives – unless I’m verging on truly unhealthy. Here you’ll find tons of Disney love, gardening, diet struggles, exercise, beauty and more often than not, my struggle to find balance and sanity in my life as a middle-aged working woman.

If you want to know a little bit about me personally, as mentioned above, I am a mother of two decently grown daughters, I am a scary dog mom to three beautiful shelter pups that chose me to be their forever family. I work full time, although not in the fields I write about (at all), and someday I hope to make this hobby (my blog and writing in general) a full-time gig. My pups, mate and I live in a Suburb in Northern CA, with my mother and her two pups – which make for a very interesting dynamic. I was raised as a very traditional Berkeley hippie, I am building a new garden in my front yard, and a compost bin. I really do like granola, and I love walking barefoot, I celebrate the seasons changing as much as I do the 4th of July and Christmas and believe a good house smudging from time to time is good for both the house and your soul. Now add in a love of beauty, makeup, fashion and nice things, and you have the paradox that is my life.

If you would like to contact me here is my information:

Email – slhalloran77@gmail.com

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Instagram: sarahlhalloran

Twitter: sarahlhalloran

Lastly, I’ll leave you with five fun facts about me:

1. My best friend and I went to the same high school at the same time and didn’t meet each other until 8 years ago

2. I’m double-jointed in my thumbs and elbows

3. I had a very short career as a drag racer

4. My nickname in high school was Scarlet O’Hara – I’ve always been a little bit of a drama queen

5. If you don’t know who Scarlet O’Hara is -we cannot be friends

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