Garden Goals 11/9/2020

Do you have those weeks where one either nothing gets done, or two you get distracted into doing things you hadn’t planned on doing? Yeah, that was us the last few weeks. Let’s start with the rain that didn’t come; we have a shed in our back yard that was recently built and primed but needed to be painted. The weather said rain was on the horizon, so instead of working on the goals below, we painted the shed – it does look good, though šŸ™‚. As November rolled around, the real fear that winter is coming struck me hard. I have a really long list of tasks that need to be done and an urgency that rivals the Wildlings trying to make it south before the long nightā€¦ā€¦but for now, let’s look at what we did and didn’t accomplish.Ā 

Previous Goals:

  1. Ā Pulling out the last of the dying plants and harvest the seeds from what’s been left to dry. We actually got this accomplished; our beds are basically barren except for fall plants or our peppers that we need to overwinter.
  2. Get the drip system started in the main garden – this is on hold for a bit; some of the more pressing things around the house/yard will need to be cared for first.
  3. Get a walkway roughed out to the main garden. In progress, this is part of a multi-layered project that includes a front walkway along the driveway, the path to the garden, one in the backyard to the shed, and the new chicken/greenhouse area. We have the rough-in for the walkway done, the pavers “prettied up,” and the mulch to set up the walkway – we just need to get it finished (hopefully tomorrow)

What we did accomplish:

spring bulbs
  1. FenceĀ toppers (waddles). Ā ItsĀ amazing to me how one little thing will pull aĀ projectĀ together, and thatā€™s what our fence toppers did for us thisĀ week! OurĀ fence finally looks complete and quite pretty if you ask me.
  2. Bulb planting – more info in the next post.
  3. SeedĀ saving – I lovingly saved basil seeds, and started theĀ drying processĀ for the Thai basil toĀ save the seeds from this week.
  4. PaintedĀ the shed – as mentioned above.
  5. Tied off and hung to dry the rest of the peppers.
  6. TransplantedĀ most of the herbs in to grow bags (hopefully to save over winter).
  7. Planted beets and broccoli.
  8. PutĀ together a herbal tea for my grandmas extremely dry eye.Ā 

Goals for this week:

  1. Finish the walkway and rough-in for the garden. Now that the driveway walk is almost done, we need to start on the garden paths and probably the shed before the rain kicks inā€¦.for now. These are temporary to get us through winter but very necessary, so we’re not tracking mud all over the house.

2. Gutters – I feel this is pretty self-explanatory. And while not a garden goal – a reality of life if you live in a house. Let’s just say we’re not sure when the last cleaning was done, but I do know that last year I watched as the water ran over the top of the clogged gutters in many spots. Just to make sure, we’re going to clean them out and install leaf guards since we live under a few large trees.

3. Install railings – again, not really a garden goal, butā€¦..this is an essential honey-do for my mother, whom we live with, and grand-parents that visit often. We’re keeping things as basic as we can but making sure it’s easy and safe to get up the house’s front and back steps.

Make sure to check out our stories on Instagram @sarahlhalloran to see our progress over the week. Do you have any garden/house goals this week?

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