Garden Goals 11/15/2020

This morning, I woke up thinking about the garden and all of the beautiful things we have planned for this space next year. It made me feel nostalgic, thinking about how much we’ve accomplished and how much more potential this space has if we continue to work on it. We have big goals for 2021, and I’m so excited to take you with us on that journey. It might be that that sun is shining brightly through the window, making the garden glisten. I can’t wait to get out there and tackle the projects for today, but it might also be that I’m a little proud of all the goals we got accomplished this week.

Previous Goals

  1. Finish the walkway and rough-in for the garden. 
  2. Gutters. 
  3. Install railings. 

What we did accomplish

This might actually be my favorite part of the week because not only does it show what we did for our goals but also all the little things that you do just because you have a bit of time, or it tickles your fancy.  When you write it all down and look at it, at the end of the week, you feel pretty good for getting done what you got done.

  • I am happy to say the walkway is done, and it looks so cute; we might keep this as a permanent solution if it holds through the winter. We haven’t started tackling the garden path, but it will be on the list shortly again.
testing it out
  • The gutters are cleaned, and we have leaf blocks on the areas that are heavily covered by trees to keep the gunk out.
leaves be gone
  • Man o man, were these railings hard (and honestly not complete as of this post, but will be today). What we should have done was to watch a few YouTube videos on how to cut the angle for the railing before we started, but, of course, we didn’t. And we spent a few hours trying to get our brains to wrap around how to cut the angle right. By the time we got that worked out and the dowels sealed, we ran out of daylight. I’m expecting the one in the back to go a lot more smoothly.
front door complete
  • We had a bit of extra dirt from digging out for the walkway, and we ended up leveling out space in the back to put up the greenhouse.
flat ground is hard to find in this place
  • Since we’re always looking for creative ways to utilize the most space in the garden, we’ve got several grow bags around the yard. The large ones we’ve planted potatoes over the summer – we tossed in our too tiny to eat ones from the last harvest and got a nice batch out this week.
cute and so very tasty
  • We put up a battery-powered motion light on the side of the house by the garbage cans so we won’t die trying to take the trash out at night.
This sucker is bright
  • Added some spray foam to an old ash clean out in our unusable fireplace to deter any critters from visiting.
we’ll trim it down when it cures
  • We sowed another round of Carrots, Onions, Leeks, and Lettuce.
  • And started more Kale and Kholrobi.
  • And lastly, we picked up 4 55 gallon food grade barrels for an excellent price. I’m going to test out my ingenuity and set up a small rainwater system – if it works, we might make more.

And lastly – Goals for this week

  1. Setting up the greenhouse
  2. Planting garlic
  3. Pruning and transplanting the peppers

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Do you have any garden plans/goals for the week?

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