Garden Goals – 11/22/2020

This week, I realized the need to reevaluate my daily patterns a bit. We are night owls by habit and circumstance. Closing a bar or restaurant down for any length of time will change your sleeping patterns quicker than anything. In the summer months, when the days are long, it’s no issue to wake up later in the day and work until the sun goes down. Now we’re sleeping through precious daylight that we can’t afford to give up if we want to tackle all of our goals. Then you add in a few days of rain, and our outdoor projects took way longer than expected. Honestly, it’s growing pains and the learning process, finding a rhythm in fall/winter that works for everything/everyone.

Previous Goals:

  1. Setting up the greenhouse
  2. Planting garlic
  3. Pruning and transplanting the peppers

What we did accomplish:

  • Setting up the greenhouse. We managed to get that started and should be complete today. We had two days of rain that made doing anything outside rather complicated. And we realized the greenhouse we bought didn’t come with a floor, so we had to build a platform to keep it off the dirt.
greenhouse in process
  • Planting garlic. We did get that accomplished, all 140 something cloves -we planted between rain showers to make sure it happened. Here’s hoping we have a good harvest this year.
  • Pruning and transplanting the peppers. We started on that but got bogged down with the greenhouse and the rain. I have a feeling this is where I’ll be spending my afternoon today.
  • And really, that’s about it for the week. We did the prep for other items that need to be repaired in the coming weeks. But, nothing major got completed, and I’m ok with that – for the moment.

This week’s goals: 

  1. Returning to the paths that need to be built. We’re now at a point where we need to get those in to stop tracking mud into the house
  2. Finishing the projects that have been started 
  3. Getting the spring garden plan in place

I have a glorious 5 days off of work this week, and I plan on taking full advantage of that (while working around Thanksgiving celebrations). I’m hoping this allows us to get through some of the projects we’ve started but haven’t finished. And really get a dent put into all of the pathways around the house. Between the dogs and us, we track a lot of mud around.

Make sure to check out our stories on Instagram @sarahlhalloran to see our progress over the week. Do you have any garden/house goals this week?

3 thoughts on “Garden Goals – 11/22/2020

  1. Interested to see what that greenhouse will look like when finished. Always a great feeling when the goals for the week get checked off. Mine tend to bleed into the next week, or get replaced by some new project that’s more urgent. Best of luck with those spring garden plans.

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