Garden Goals for 12/7/2020

I think I touched on this in the last garden goals post; we’re having a hard time balancing our daily life with the amount of daylight we have right now. This last week has been chaos at “work” I’ve been glued to my computer much more than usual. With Eddie’s late nights and late mornings, we’ve been a little lax on our goals.

What we did accomplish

  • Seed swap with IG ….. seeds went out along with a few holiday card swaps.
saved seeds
  • The back railing was completed.
The finished back railing
  • The greenhouse was finished, and we’ve put it to use for some baby bok choy
our finished green house
  • We planted another round of carrots.
  • We transplanted our kale and Kholrobi sprouts – although we’re not sure which is which at the moment (are we the only ones that do that?)
kale or Kholrobi
  • We got Christmas lights up on the house and our juniper tree in the front- I’d love to put another batch of lights along the fence line with some swag. Unfortunately, we’re a little tight with cash at the moment, so what we have will have to do this year :).

We did not get to the pathways or the garden plan, although we have done a few walks through the beds, and some ideas for the new year are starting to form.

This week’s goals:

  1. I feel like this is redundant, but we do need to get the pathway’s roughed in
  2. I’d like to get the rain barrel system in this week 
  3. Getting the drip laid out in the front yard

Some of this will depend on what I can get delivered and/or picked up from the hardware store – our county is going back into a mandatory shelter in place starting today through New Years’, and it might be challenging to pick up items again.

If you are interested to see what we did in the last post, click here and make sure to check out our stories on Instagram to see our progress over the week.Β Do you have any garden/house goals this week?

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