Hot Chocolate Bombs

I have to tell you when the weather starts getting colder outside, one of our favorite things to do is add in a warm beverage in the evening. This year, our Social media feeds have been inundated with videos of melting chocolate balls in multiple colors, flavors, and sizes. We decided to give it a try.

As always, I’m so grateful to have a professional in the house for so many reasons, especially when working out the recipes and steps. Eddie has prepared for you a very detailed guide for making your very own hot chocolate bombs.

How to make

On a nice, big cutting board, start to Thinly slice into the Dark Chocolate Bar; slice as much as you think you’ll need for the number of molds you have. Once you have the desired amount, place the chocolate shavings into the Glass Mixing Bowl. 

Place the bowl into the microwave and set it for 15 – 20 seconds; when done, grab the bowl and your Silicone Spatula and begin to mix and fold the chocolate shavings. You might not see much of a difference with the shavings at this point, but you’ll definitely see the difference soon. Place the glass bowl back into the microwave and set it for 5 seconds. Once again, Mix with the spatula and repeat this process until the chocolate is completely melted and reaches 90°F. 

Once the chocolate is ready, grab a small, clean brush (ideally) or a small spoon if none is available. Dollop a small amount of chocolate into one of the molds and carefully (but hastily) lather the melted chocolate around the Half Sphere, making sure to thinly core the entire surface. Repeat with the rest of the Half Spheres. Once complete, place your chocolate lathered molds upside down on a piece of parchment paper to let excess chocolate drip out. After a minute a two, flip over your molds right side up and clean if necessary. Place your molds into the refrigerator for about 5 minutes to solidify the chocolate. After the 5 minutes, bring them back out and apply the 2nd layer of chocolate as thin as you can. Repeat and Place the molds back in the fridge.

Now that your molds are in the fridge again, it’s time to start the Cocoa Bomb Filling. Start by chopping up both Milk and Dark Chocolates into small shavings, set to the side. In a small pot, start warming up your Heavy Cream until steamy. Turn the flame off and stir in your chocolate shavings. Keep stirring and folding until completely incorporated. Let it rest for a few minutes if it’s too warm (Have your mini marshmallows and (optional) Cocoa powder on hand).

Bring your Chocolate Molds back out of the fridge and start to carefully remove each half-sphere of chocolate out of each mold. Carefully push in on each mold until the Chocolate right comes out. Now that your chocolate is out of the molds, set aside half the chocolate. 

1st Half: Place a small smooth pan on the stove and set on low, just until it’s nice and warm. Carefully Grab the Chocolate and gently rub the edges on the warm pan to melt and flatten out the edges. Do this to the entire 1st half. Once complete, start to add in your desired amount of chocolate ganache, then carefully stuff in as many mini marshmallows as you can (and the desired amount of cocoa powder if using). Once complete, set them aside.

2nd Half: Carefully repeat the same process of gently melting and smoothing out the edges of each half-sphere. This time you will need to quickly place these on each of your half-filled spheres so the edges fuse together to make 1 whole sphere. Once complete, grab a small spoon and very carefully warm it over the stove or run hot water on the spoon until it’s nice and hot (dry the spoon too). Carefully run the spoon over the entire seam of the Chocolate sphere to help fuse any surfaces that failed to do so. Do this to all the spheres.

Once that is done, you can Smile and Rejoice; you have just completed the entire process and are now proud owners of Hot Cocoa Bombs! Warm-up your choice of milk to 190°F, place a Hot Cocoa Bomb in your favorite mug and pour in your hot milk and watch the tasty magic unfold before your eyes! Stir and enjoy! 

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