Garden Goals for 12/14/2020

Happy New moon and happy solar eclipse; we stayed inside yesterday as the first real rains of the seasons kicked in. Just in time for us to have finished the rain barrel project. When I checked them early Sunday afternoon, the last barrel was already filling up. I’ll have a post up about making them in the next few weeks; I really am quite pleased with the project as a whole. As I suspected, we waited quite a bit for deliveries this week, so I may adjust our goals for the next few weeks as shipping and stock may be delayed with shutdowns in our state.
What we got accomplished:

  • The rain barrels! I am so excited about these; I watched so many youtube videos and read up as much as I could about making them. I have to say the concept is simple, and we were able to get the project done in a day (once we got all the right equipment), but getting a final plan together took a bit of time.Β 
  • Moving the herbs and a few peppers into the greenhouse. I decided to move my herbs into the greenhouse to see if I can keep them going over the winter. If not, it won’t be the worst heartache, but I’d really like to step up on spring planting if I can help it.
  • Planning the walkways in the back. I have a rough plan and drawing of the walkways in the backyard. After spending a weekend with muddy shoes and paws in the house, we’re definitely behind the 8 ball to get this project finished.
  • Planning the drip. I have the drip all planned out on paper as well; now I just need to bite the bullet and purchase everything needed to get it in.

Goals for the week:

  1.  building the pathways to the shed and chicken area.
  2. Build a step and railing for mom for the back door.
  3. Get the last of the leaf mulch on the beds.

With Christmas looming and a rain forecast for 4 of the next seven days, I feel like there will be a ton of indoor tasks worked on. Including getting my seed order in for spring and designing a few new fun spaces. I love winter for so many reasons, but this one, especially; it gives you the time and space to dream and plan, and for me. That is one of the best gifts of the season.

What are you planning for?

If you are interested to see what we did in the last post, click here and make sure to check out our stories on Instagram to see our progress over the week.Β Do you have any garden/house goals this week?

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